In appreciation…

I am posting a little note to once again say thank you for so enthusiastically taking part in the Liquorice Dreams sale.  With all your support, it appears that I will be able to keep going in realizing the dream of establishing my little company in Grasse!  🙂

I honestly didn’t expect such a flood of response to the SOS post- and new systems have had to be created to manage it all.  There have been a few hiccups while frantically sorting out supplier issues, as well as finding a printing company who could do the work I need for the outer packaging, plus other details to sort out.  But all in all, everything is going smoothly, and it feels so good to begin sending out these little packages of perfume all over the world.

Today I had a lovely meeting with a very well-known perfumer and his colleague near Grasse.   The perfume concentrate for Reglisse Noire will soon be prepared in their lab- and with their expertise and with access to their storehouse of the best quality raw materials.  I am very excited about this- since it will free a lot of time for me to begin creating the new fragrance I have been dreaming of for a long time (with honey and Mediterranean sunshine).

However, in the meantime- in appreciation for all your support- although the sale officially ends tomorrow (the 13th)- I have decided to extend the event for anther 2 weeks.   This means that the 15ml Reglisse Noire will continue to be priced at $23 CAD (plus shipping/handling), until September 27th.   Also, as I have mentioned- 1% of sales will be paid forward to the Bees For Development Trust.

Much love!

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Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

12 thoughts on “In appreciation…”

  1. I am glad that things are going wonderfully for you. I had placed my order for Reglisse Noire and Fleur No. 1, but I see you are behind in logistics. That’s a good thing – job security! I am anxiously hoping and waiting for my package to arrive. 🙂 Best wishes to you!

  2. I purchased Reglisse Noire to support Jessica during the Licorice Dream sale. Not being fond of anise notes my intent was to give it to my mum as a birthday gift. Alas, it did not arrive on time so I “adopted” the bottle. How lucky for me for I have fallen in love with this fragrance! It brings me great joy wearing it and smelling my wrist throughout the day. It is such a unique and unusual scent (and believe me I have tried many scents- over 500 and have worn over 300! ). Needless to say I have purchased more bottles of this heavenly elixir! Anyone on the fence about this fragrance should give it a try. Believe me, you will NOT be disappointed. I am happy to hear that you are working on a perfume concentrate as it would wear nicely on my skin in the cold winter months here in the Northeast of the USA. The EDT will be great for spring/summer. I am looking forward to sampling other creations (honeyed Mediterranean is calling my name 🙂 ) but for now I am enjoying anointing myself daily with Reglisse Noire.

    1. Dear Brigitte,
      Thank you for your message- and I’m happy the delay in shipping worked to your advantage. Thank you also for reminding me about the concentrate idea- it’s something that has been on hold, but one that perhaps I can do a limited release in time for the holiday season. Wishing you a happy autumn and you will be on my mailing list, so i will keep you informed of upcoming launches. All the best! xo

  3. My order: Two bottles of Réglisse Noir arrived a few days ago. It’s marvelous! Sophisticated. Complex.

    And I can wear it….the TRUE test of a fragrance for me. My chemistry makes most ‘commercial’ scents much too intense, which is why I have sought out ‘natural’ perfumes. (Yes, I read your small disclaimer about Réglisse Noir on the SOS post.)

    The sweet vanilla notes are the boldest on my skin against a soft chorus of the anise-licorice, ginger, and musk notes. Am curious to smell it on my husband, since you indicate RN can be worn by women & men…and my sister, who will be the recipient of the 2nd bottle this Christmas. Thanks! Best of Luck with your endeavors.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Cynthe! So happy that you are enjoying Reglisse Noire! and yes it is a ‘shared’ perfume, so can be worn by men too. (actually it’s lovely on men- different notes seem to come out on their skin). Wishing you a happy fall and winter season! All the best! xo

  4. I just wanted to say that I received my fragrance order safe and sound and have been getting compliments on my Reglisse Noire ever since. I used to sell fragrances for a living, both boutique and commercial, and I can tell how much thought and consideration you put into this marvelous elixir. I bought the small bottle as a test, but can already tell I will be buying from you again. Additionally, my mother loved her Fleur No. 1, which was lucky. You must know how challenging it is to buy scent for someone else. Keep up the good work!

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