Liquorice Dreams (s.o.s!)

Dear all,

As many of you know, I am an artisan perfumer, and the founder of 1000 Flowers.  I’m known for having big dreams and a lot of courage.

Today I have a very humble and honest post to share with you.

I created this small business many years ago in the mountains of western Canada.  After much success, many hardships and a whole lot of determination, planning and dreaming,  I sold my house so as to attend a year of perfumery school in the south of France,  followed by some internships in a French company or two.

Since then, I’ve clung, ironclad, to my dream of creating a niche perfume house with a collection of perfumes based on naturals and with a green and ethical approach to both creation and business.

This Spring, I worked long hours to write a business plan and proposal to present to a business incubator here in Grasse- and I was accepted!

I then returned to Canada to apply for my 3 year visa, worked to attain new clients, and to launch a new perfume.  I spent 4 months working like mad, and returned to Grasse one month ago.

Since then, I have been biting my nails is regard to how to pay for this venture.  I have looked at angel investors, applied for the Dragon’s Den, and other ideas too… but so far, no one is interested in such a ‘small fish’… they all want big and they want to charge a hefty fee to even orchestrate matching of investors with entrepreneurs.  At this point,  I am more idea and potential, then actual.  Not everyone dares to dream as I do.

To get to the point-  I have realized that I may have to pack up and give up….. I have exhausted myself, my resources (I have put about 60,000 Canadian dollars of my own money into this venture), and my nerves.  There have been months where I had money for only one meal a day,  since all possible funds have to go into developing the business.  (raw materials, bottles, boxes etc.)

I have done everything myself by hand so far, created and launched two perfumes, designed and created the packaging, built the website, done all my own photography, packed my things back and forth between Grasse and Canada etc etc etc.

So…. for all of you who know me, and all of you who might not- I am making an appeal with all my heart.   My first perfume, many of you know well- REGLISSE NOIRE- has been a great hit… much loved and appreciated by all ages, and men and women alike.

 To keep going, to grow my company here in Grasse by entering into this business development program- I can’t do it alone.  I need your help!!
In exchange for your support,  for the next 2 weeks, I offer you Reglisse Noire at a greatly reduced price.
$23 each for the 15ml flacon.  (normally priced at $45)
The shipping is $8.50 to anywhere in the world.

$23 (about 18euro) (until Sept 13th)

The boutique is at

I thank you in advance for this and please know that you’re contributing to a dream that is pure and true. (plus receiving a fabulous perfume in exchange.)

With lots of love,
Jessica September Buchanan

(ps I will also reduce Fleur N01 by 25% in honour of this occasion. )

Published by

Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

62 thoughts on “Liquorice Dreams (s.o.s!)”

  1. Hi Jessica,

    That’s very admirable of you to talk so frankly about your unfortunate circumstances. I can’t say enough how, at the same time, it’s admirable of you to keep working, to keep going and to really push yourself above and beyond, more so than I think you think it would have taken when you started out.

    I know nothing about what’s like for you at the moment, or how you got to where you are, but as a part of me is admittedly just a teeny tiny bit jealous of your courage, the other part is rooting for you! I’ve never met you, or really know you that well, but I hope my little purchase of Reglisse Noire today helps at least one (shared) dream come true.

    As they say round my part of the world, “KEEP ‘ER LIT!!!”

    1. Thanks a lot Liam… I would’t say the circumstances are ‘unfortunate’… since I’m not giving up yet. It’s a major project I’ve taken on, hugely ambitious and I’m continuing with a lot of optimism. It’s just that sometimes, (often) I believe that honesty is the best approach, and I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to just lay it on the table and ask for what I need. I’ve got something great to give back in exchange, but unless one asks… what we need doesn’t always arrive when we need it.
      I love the expression… Keep ‘er lit!!…. and that’s fully what I intend to do! xo

      1. You’re welcome, and yes perhaps it isn’t unfortunate, maybe I was reading into it in a different way.

        In any case, that expression Keep ‘er lit! is sure to see you through 😉

  2. Dear Jessica: You have a true entrepreneural spirit, lit by the passion you have with perfume. Well, lit was Liam’s word, so I’ll keep it in there, maybe that is your meme now. I’ve always been a risk-taker, moving cross country when I was 20 with nothing more than a backpack, but you have been beat by a mile (or a couple thousand). I will post your link in the Guild group and the big NP group, with a disclaimer, which is necessary, about the tiny bit of synths in RN. Many use perfumes like this, but, of course, need the disclosure, given the nature of the group. I also hope to bump up your Fleur No. 1 sales by posting this. You have my heartfelt support and admiration for what you have done, and I hope to help you further on your quest for financial stability and independence. You’re a lovely person and a new age bold dreamer of a perfumer. All the best!

    1. Dear Anya… thanks so much for such a kind and heartfelt message! 🙂 Being a full-time entrepreneur is a deep challenge… but so wonderful at the same time. I know you understand this. Thanks for all your support and understanding. xo

  3. Jessica,
    What a heartfelt post. Have you considered creating a proposal on one of the project funding sites like Kickstarter? It might be worth a try. You have to articulate a very specific project idea (like a Spring line of fragrances, etc.) that you want to complete. I think your story and ideas would really resonate with people.
    Best of luck – sending good vibes your way…and heading over to buy your perfume!
    With love,

    1. Hi Tara,
      Thanks for your support… Kickstarter… that’s an interestng idea. Entering into this business incubator is an amazing opportunity- and may qualify as a start-up project to fund… I will look into it. i wonder if shares could be offered through this structure? Thanks for the suggestion. And I wish you all the best as well! xo

  4. Hello Jessica,

    I’ll share a link on FaceBook on both my personal page as well as my Sunflower Naturals page. I’m in the same situation, with a different product. I’ll also add an image and link for you to my web site, and do what I can to help increase exposure. I’m homeless, lost my home and pretty much everything I own for my dream of providing realistic natural solutions that can be made from home with the information in my books. I’ll have that up for you on the site today – yes, we need to work together and give each other the support we need to increase exposure and sales. We can do it, girlfriend!


    1. Thank you Emily! When one dedicates oneself to a path… it is bound to have challenges. And that’s partly what makes it so great! But at the same time, there are times when some drastic moves need to be taken… hence laying it out on the table today. I’ll take a look at your site as well…. wishing you all the best! xo

    1. Hello Ankica… Thank you for your message on fb… I love what you wrote about Reglisse… so happy you enjoyed the sample. Let me know when you’re ready for a bottle… 🙂 xo

  5. Hi, Jessica! I’m getting both of your perfumes for the ArtScent Museum! We need you included in our Modern Perfume Renaissance collections! 🙂 I hope you get floods of orders to keep the juices flowing! oxo

  6. I recently read a quote (I don’t know the author of the quote), “People want what you have, yet rarely want to do what you do to get it.” It seems obvious to me that you work very hard at what you do to make your dream a reality. That is the type of work ethic that I admire. All the best to you!

    I’m not a fan of licorice scent and was completely surprised at how much I liked Reglisse Noire. It is lovely. Since I already have a 5ml of Reglisse Noire I will be purchasing Fleur No. 1.

  7. Hi Jessica, I’ll support your dreams and admire your passion, persistance and principles. Look for my order soon.


  8. How wonderful! So many people do not find the heart ‘thing’ and you have! Congratulations and I am taking advantage of your wonderful offer, thank you!

  9. I sincerely hope all your dreams come true, Jessica. Heartfelt and sincere wishes are now winging their way toward you with this thought in mind.

  10. Hi Jessica, your commitment is inspiring. As a small natural perfume company owner, I am get where you are and what you want to achieve. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and am very excited to try Reglisse Noir. Hang in there.

    1. Hello Ms Rebel… 🙂 Thank you so much for your message and for ordering Reglisse. I’m looking forward to your impression… let me know if you have a moment ok? It’s a challenge for independent artists… but love and passion keep the fires burning. Wishing you all the best too! xo (ps I love the name of your company!)

  11. Dear Jessica
    The law of attraction
    You put it out into the universe
    And I know it will happen for you
    I put it out in the universe
    And the chain continues
    I have been where you have been
    But I wasn’t as brave and open
    I received help when I least expected
    Paying it forward

    1. Thank you for your message dear Michelyn. I’m beginning to think that part of being brave, is being open and asking for help when we need it. We all need each other.. and we all have something to give back that is precious. xo

  12. I feel for you, Jessica. I have been in niche businesses for over a decade and it is never easy work. You have to work so hard for every dollar. More power to you.
    (And, just a tip from experience, sometimes we need to look at the ideal outcome we had for our business and see whether it is a reality in the current economic climate, location, family circumstances etc. Sometimes you need someone from outside of our business (NOT a friend of family member) to give you some honest insight too).
    Best of luck x
    Liz Cook
    One Seed perfumes

    1. Dear Liz,
      Thank you for your words of wisdom. Yes it’s good to be open to counsel… and to know when to go for it and when to let it go by. I guess we learn as we go to some degree… and friends and family can always be so supportive unconditionally. At the same time, I often feel like ANYTHING is possible- we just have to set our mind to it and BELIEVE in it… it’s worked so far- although for sure, taking care of our health and not working ourselves to death is always wise! 🙂 You are a huge inspiration for me, and I appreciate you taking the time to be in touch. Wishing you all the best with everything! xo

  13. Hello Jessica, I am one of your fans who loves Reglisse Noire…I’m on my second bottle! (btw, it’s a very cool bottle and the box is pretty neat too!). I tell anyone who will listen that it is gorgeous. I’ve not yet sniffed Fleur No.1 but it sounds beautiful –so in an effort to do my small part in supporting your efforts—I’ve just purchased a few bottles…they’re small and I plan to share! Hopefully it will lead to even more purchases and we can all claim a bit of responsibility when you become wildly successful and famous. Good luck to you! ~Daisy 🙂

    1. Dear Daisy,
      That’s so sweet! Happy to hear that you love Reglisse… and thank you so much for your order. Fleur No1 is very different from Reglisse, in that it is definitely feminine, albeit in a green, crisp rather vintage way.. I will be very interested to hear how you like it- so let me know ok? Eventually Fleur will be available full -size in a cedar box as well- but for now, these little pocket-size flacons are a nice intro. And yes! When 1000 Flowers is massively famous, ALL OF YOU can claim responsibility for this. Love that. 🙂 Wishing you a very happy autumn! xo

  14. Jessica, “feminine”, “green” , “crisp and vintage-y” ….please ship quickly! Now I’m fairly frothing at the mouth!
    I think your S.O.S. has really rallied the troops….Tama has beaten me to the order page, and I’m pretty fast on the draw! I’ve seen several other mentions of orders on facebook, now we all just need to spread the word on the bigger forums.
    I hope the next two weeks sees you exhausted from packing up so many orders! (that would be a good exhausted, right? )
    And a very happy autumn to you as well ! 🙂

    1. Thanks Daisy! Yes the rallying of the troops has been fantastic! I feel so happy and relieved to feel all this love and encouragement! Let me know what you think of Fleur No1 once you receive it ok? Now, back to work for me! xo

  15. Dear Jessica, it seems I wasn’t lucky enough to have tried your perfume so far, but I will happily order a bottle now.
    Most dreams come true because the friends you have are true and they help you on your way.
    I hope therefore your dream comes true and the virtual perfumista friends will do their little bit to help you on your way. 🙂

    1. Hello, Thank you for these wise words! Absolutely! I could not have gotten this far without all my friends (some who I’ve never even met), and all the help they have shown along the way! For that I am eternally grateful. So thank you for your support, and I hope you love the perfume and that it gives you something great back in exchange! xo

  16. Dear Jessica,
    Risk taking is always an adventure, but well worth the journey along the way. I admire your spirit and courage. I purchased both scents unsniffed, I adore licorice and iris too, I’m sure they will be much loved additions to the collection!
    Warm blessings,

    1. Dear Liz, Thank you for your purchase and for helping to support this adventure! Part of why keep going is to inspire others and show what is possible. I am especially interested in showing younger women (although all ages too!), that we can do what we want in our lives and do not have to be limited by anything other than our imaginations. As long as wel have something to give back…and in this case- it happens to be Reglisse and Fleur No1! 🙂 Wishing you a very happy day! xo

  17. Jessica ~ Just purchased TWO bottles of Reglisse “unsniffed” since you’re in need and I just happen to be on a natural perfumes adventure. Your ingredients intrigue me.

    I’m sharing this with my sister, whose body chemistry wears perfumes beautifully, more easily than my own (most perfumes on me become overwhelmingly strong, making me smell like a “woman of the night”….and not a nice one!). My husband wears fragrances well, too, so if it doesn’t work on me….it may on him.

    Best of Luck!

    1. Dear Cynthe, Thank you for your purchase of Reglisse (unsniffed)! Every one I have met loves Reglisse; that is unless they aren’t crazy about black liquorice. However I must point out the the formula is not 100% natural- there are a few ingredients inside that are ‘man-made’ although completely non-toxic and gentle. I hear from people all the time that they can wear Reglisse comfortably, when normally they can’t wear perfumes at all. But I want to be sure you are fully informed about your purchase. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Wishing you a happy day! xo (ps my direct email is

  18. Daisy shared your link and I was touched by your story. Just bought a bottle of Fleur No. 1 unsniffed — I love galbanum, so it sounds right up my alley! Best wishes to you as you pursue your dream…I think the human race as a whole benefits from the joyous energy of dreams coming to fruition, so I hope that happens for you.

    1. Hello there… thank you for your purchase of Fleur No1! If you like galbanum, you will appreciate this fragrance. It is also full of narcissus absolute, iris root, jasmine and orange flower as well. It’s not a sweet scent however- more crisp and green and a touch bitter even. I love what you write about the whole human race benefiting from dreams coming true- and I concur! Part of my journey’s purpose has been to inspire others that they can follow their dreams too. We are so conditioned to think we can’t… and I really believe we can do whatever we set out mind to…. although it may take every ounce of our strength fo pull off! 🙂 Thanks again and wishing you all the best! xo

  19. Dear Jessica
    I am impressed by your courage in making this big step. Grasse is a place I dream to visit someday. I sincerely pray that you are able to raise the capital to make your dream a reality. I have made my little contribution by purchasing a bottle of Noire Reglisse. I saw some pictures of your perfume among Ayala Moriel’s Flickr Photos just last week ( I believe that is where I saw them) Little did I know that I would soon be purchasing one! I look forward to receiving and sniffing deep! I wish you all the best. With courage and determination like yours success will surely be yours.

    1. Dear Aba,
      Thank you so much for your message and for your contribution via purchasing Reglsse Noire. Yes, Ayala is a good friend of mine- and she attended the launch party for Fleur No 1 in Vancouver. Wishing you a beautiful autumn with Black Liquorice scented scarves… 🙂 ~Jessica xo

    1. HI Michael,
      Following my lead in regard to following a dream? Why not? it ain’t an easy path sometimes- but really, is life for anything else other than following our passion? wishing you all the best!! xo

  20. Jessica ~ Thanks for the ‘disclaimer.’ Was already aware of it via the Natural Perfumery newsletter link Anya posted that led me here. I like anise & fennel as fragrances. Am not wild about licorice as a ‘taste’ unless it’s totally genuine…so I think this will be interesting at the very least.

  21. Just learned of your venture from my friend Bettina’s fb post. So exciting that you are involved in this business incubator in Grasse! Wasn’t able to attend Sniffa in NYC last year, where you featured Reglisse Noire, but I’m looking forward to trying it. Good luck in following your dreams. Purchased your perfumes unsniffed, and will share samples with my friends & family here in the US to help spread the word.

    1. That’s so sweet- thank you for your support and bravery in buying ‘unsniffed’! 🙂 You’re not alone- there have been quite a few brave souls who have done the same. But rest assured that Reglisse is a crowd pleaser, for men and women alike…. and I appreciate your support immensely! With this sale, it looks like things will be able to progress and I can sign the contract with the incubator and get my studio set up inside the historical building. (it used to be where the enfleurage process of locally grown flowers took place back in the day.) Wishing you a lovely autumn! xo

    1. Hello Michele.
      Yes, I can ship to anywhere in the world…. well almost- some places are a bit risky with their postal systems… but I think NY is pretty reliable, yes? Thank you in advance! 🙂 xo

  22. I sampled Reglisse Noire some time ago, after you were featured in Best Health magazine. It’s an ethereal fragrance reminiscent of a walk through the forest in winter while chewing on a licorice allsort! It’s wonderful! I wholeheartedly admire your courage, Jessica, and I find your story inspiring, even with your recent challenges. Thanks to Anya for posting your message on the NP Forum — I may not have known about this otherwise. I’ve just purchased a couple of items — and remember, it’s not charity; I simply enjoy your perfumes and this order is long overdue. Hang in there, and hold true to your passion, Jessica — you do have supporters and you’re an inspiration to us all.

    1. Dear Shauna,
      Thank you for your message and for your order! I love the way you describe Reglisse… 🙂 I agree- it’s not charity as I am offering a much-loved perfume in exchange… and the price is way marked down as well. Really, I am so grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm and encouragement… it’s this that gets me through the rough spots. I want to give back by offering inspiration and good perfume!
      Wishing you a very happy autumn! xo

  23. Although I am not particularly fond of licorice I placed an order because I truly believe that the niche companies like yours need to be supported and endorsed. With all of the inferior products out there in the mainstream the artistry of niche companies is commendable. To be a natural perfumer is even better! I hope that the pouring of support will help you out in this difficult time.

    1. Dear Brigitte,
      Thank you for your order! In regard to liquorice, you may find that Reglisse is more of an interpretation of liquorice than a literal representation. It is full of wood, vanilla, spices and cocoa- so it is elegant and easy to wear. I hope you love it! xo

  24. Jessica, You may not remember me(Nelson)but I wanted to show my support for you and this lovely venture of yours. I love the ‘Reglisse’ and have been wanting to purchase it for some mths now.My friend and yours, Jill B. let me sample hers and I was in scentual love. Thankyou and best of luck! Cheryl Janzen.

  25. Jessica, firstly I am from Edinburgh, Scotland, but travel to Nelson BC quite often and guess what, I discovered 1000 flowers Reglisse Noire, wow. I have been in the store in Nelson three times now and I still cannot get my hands on this wonderful perfume, can you maybe steer me in the direction of a British website I could maybe purchase this? – I had a little sample phial, but it is slowly going, the lady in the shop also gave me the store sample bottle this month, but unfortunately most of it leaked in my case on the way home, my clothes do smell simply beautiful though. So can you help out a true admirer of this unusually gorgeous smell.

    Kathy with best wishes from Scotland

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