Canadian Fragrance Awards 2011

A few days ago, on the 28th of April in Montreal marked the 6th annual celebration of the Canadian Fragrance Awards.  The annual gala event celebrates, and enthusiastically promotes  new (mainstream) fragrance in the Canadian marketplace.  Besides the various categories for fragrances, there are two categories dedicated to Print and Web articles in the Perfume genre.  This year there were two finalists in the running.  In the Print category, an article (telling my story) called  The Sweet Smell of Success  by Doris Montanera as published in Best Health magazine.  In the Web/Broadcast category was Eau Canada  (an interview of myself and Montreal perfumer Isabelle Michaud) by Canadian Fragrance Expert, Marian Bendeth.

Happily, both authors won their categories and took home a Fragrance Award!  So needless to say, this was incredible exposure for myself and 1000 Flowers,  as well as for putting Canadian perfumers on the map in general.  My hope is that eventually, there will be enough fragrances produced by Canadian perfumers to warrant a category of our own!  Slowly but surely this will happen as more of us become known in this very specialized artistic field.

In the meantime, I send a big thank you to Marian Bendeth and Doris Montanera for their support and encouragement as I forge ahead on this fragranced path!