Réglisse Noire and the Art of Packaging

This blog began in January of 2007 with my journey to Grasse, France to study perfumery.   Since then, following my studies and internships there,  I have been focusing all my attention on the subsequent portion of the dream- to create beautiful perfumes, and to realize a successful career at the same time.  No small feat!!

I returned to Canada 7 months ago, and have been working day-in and day-out on all the details of launching the first fragrance.  To say the least, this has involved an enormous amount of work.  More facets than one can even imagine!! (although, such a wonderful challenge!)

Since being back,  I have also been taking classes in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to learn graphic design so that I can fully express all visual aspects (that accompany imagining of the perfume formula itself) of this creative process.  To be honest- more and more, this project feels like an artist’s installation.  Such a multi-faceted creation that involves digging deeper into my creative depths than I ever have in my life.

So, subsequently introducing the new outer packaging (as developed in Canada) for Reglisse Noire- the perfume that was born in France  ….

Cedar box

The box is solid British Columbia cedar (from off-cuts, leftover from home building), stained pure white with titanium dioxide powder and water, and sealed with a cigar-box style label to guarantee the purity and hand-made nature of each batch of perfume.

My goal has been to create an outer packaging that is an item of beauty to be kept…. thereby having a super light footstep on the Earth.  (‘recyclable’, in my humble opinion, just doesn’t cut it anymore…)  Refills will be available soon.  The lockable vintage-style atomizer is removable, unlike most perfume bottles.  Standard perfume bottles, even from luxury and niche brands, have what is called a ‘crimped’ spray top.  These are permanently attached, therefore making the bottle, once empty, impossible to recycle or to reuse.  For years I have struggled to find a solution to this problem… and finally, the technology has been developed- an atomizer that threads on, that also has a locking mechanism.. so it can be sealed for transport and to prevent evaporation of the precious juice inside.

Réglisse-50ml bottle

So there.  Years of work at the drawing board… with the goal of bringing into the world a product that represents beauty and that has a light environmental impact….

If you’d like to order this perfume- please go to the 1000 Flowers website…. http://www.1000flowers.ca

As well, your feed-back is greatly appreciated… I like to think of this as a work in progress….. Merci!

Published by

Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

13 thoughts on “Réglisse Noire and the Art of Packaging”

  1. Beautiful Jess! Almost as pretty in the picture as it is in person! Congratulations, you must feel as if you have just given birth, exhausted and exhilarated! Talk soon. xxooC

  2. Saw your debut on Indiescent and was pleasantly surprised to find your blog. Ironically, yesterday I sent some requested samples of my own debut line to Franco at Indiescent. Please email me so we can chat about perfume things! All the best to you and your launch!

  3. I read that liquorice scent is something very appreciated by women. Until now, I have never tried a perfume that has liquorice as its scent ingredients. Something I will have definitely to try.

    1. I’ve also heard that it is appreciated by men, especially when in combination with vanilla. There happens to be quite a lot of natural vanilla in Reglisse as well- so from what I’ve heard from those who wear this perfume regularly- it’s definitely an aphrodisiac for both sexes!

  4. Yes, I was talking the other day with my brother about it and he told me he likes liquorice in men’s perfume. He mentioned a brand he once used and liked but right now I cannot remember it. But I was surprised to know that men also like to wear it. And I am very happy to be one of the winners of the 5ml “Reglisse Noire” via Michelyn’s blog! I so much looking forward to try it and give my impressions.

    Thank you.

  5. Wow! Tried a sample of your Reglisse Noire (from indiescents) and would like to congratulate you on creating the first smell I’ve ever spent $100 on. Love at first sniff and throughout the day. Amazing. Your efforts have certainly paid off. Love love love.

  6. Are there any UK stockists of this perfume? It sounds great, lovely reviews, and right up my street. (Or: any Paris stockists?) I won’t be in Canada until sometime in 2012 …

    1. Hello Joy,
      Currently we are looking for stocklists in the UK- so if you have any suggestions, we would be happy to hear. Otherwise, in Europe, Reglisse is available from the lovely boutique Sundhaft, in Munich. Here is their site- http://www.suendhaft.com/… As well, I will be based in Grasse, France as of the end of this summer, so you are welcome to come into my studio there. Happy summer!

  7. Afraid it’s South-West France that I’m visiting, not South-East. I do have friends in Germany, though, so might manage something there!

    The most obvious stockists, I think, for you in London, would be Space NK Apothecary (http://www.spacenk.co.uk/). Modern, up-market. Alternatively, Liberty might be worth a try. (http://liberty.co.uk/)

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