upcoming grand opening!

It’s now Thursday afternoon in Grasse and the whole place is buzzing with preparations for the grand opening of the Musee International de la Parfumerie that will take place in 2 days. 

I have my invitation for the 11:00 am ceremony sitting on my coffee table and have already decided what to wear.  The sun is shining (like every day lately) and the temperature is about 27 degrees C…  absolutely perfect for all the gardeners and other city workers who are polishing up the city!

I will, as per requested, take lots of photos and write a full report for those of you who cannot attend in person.  Also, in my next post, I will tell you all about the next phase of my own journey as the road continues to bend and turn! 

Fragrant blessings to you all…

Published by

Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

4 thoughts on “upcoming grand opening!”

  1. Bonjour! I’m back at home base after Whitney, Wisconsin, Mexico and Rim-2-Rim. The heat, I think, has let up in the desert, now, for a half a year. Whew! Thought of you as we went down the North Kaibab toward Roaring Spirngs, though we had to push on. Didn’t see one hiker in a sun dress. What’s with that?! Tell me: Do you recall a rope ladder hanging off the east wall of Bright Angel Canyon? I saw one on Saturday. It must have been two stories high. Ah well. Hope the grand opening went even better than expected. Stay in touch. Renard de Monsieur

  2. Jessica,
    my name is Cristina, im russian and im here by chance! excuse me for mistakes in english:(
    i hav to say that your reports on perfumed pilgrimage are wonderful with beaucoup de finesse et l’amour pour parfum. I was been pleased by reading you; I would like to ask you a few questions if you dont mind:) are you chemist?
    and after finishing GIP perfums shool what is happened with job search? is it possible to find a job if a person dont have a diploma of chemist?
    All of these questions because i would like to work with fragrances, with raw material in fact.
    have a nice time
    and good luck for you

  3. Hello Cristina… thank you for your appreciation of the blog. To answer your questions- No, I don’t have a chemistry background; but many perfumers do not. It is a matter of opinion whether it is helpful or not. Most people agree that it is your olfactive and creative abilities that are of more importance. As for finding work after? I can say that finding work in France in perfumery is next to impossible. One must compete with ISIPCA students who are quite young, French and who normally have a perfume house sponsor them from the onset. You may have more luck finding work afterward in your own country. (especially if you speak French, then you may find work in a French company’s Russian subsidiary.) The industry is very exclusive . I don’t want to discourage you at all! It’s just that I have seen many students from my class as well as from past years really have a difficult time finding a placement upon graduation. I am now back in Canada and focusing on my own small business and will soon launch a collection of my own creations. I am very happy to have this as an option. I wish you all the best and if this is your passion, then throw caution to the wind and go for it anyway! You never know who you might meet who will offer you a chance in the industry….

  4. Jessica,
    thank you very much for finding time to answer on my question. I think you must be a challenging person-eventhough find job in France is next to impossible in perfum house , i suppose it’s more more difficult to bilt your own business and work independentelly.
    Jessica, I wish you good luck on your way and I hope to find out soon your collection in france or abroad. and thank you to encourrage me :))

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