Inheriting- a sense for creation

Hello all!

I am back in Grasse- the cradle of the perfume industry- and last night I sat down at my table with all my raw materials around me and began to explore in earnest some of the perfumes that have been formulating in my mind over the last few monthes.  I have a digital scale now and so can begin the delicate process writing stories with micro increments of the precious liquids that sit innocently in the carefully labelled bottles that are lined up in front of me.  The creative process is so difficult to dive into.  I get stage fright every time. Once I begin, dipping the blotters in solution in pairing them, rotating them, discarding and choosing; I get absorbed into the current and begin to feel the ideas take form. I love the feeling of creation. Of problem solving-experimenting.

My father died last month and I didn’t know until I got back here.  I have been going through many layers of emotion and memory since. Now I want to dedicate the exploration of my aptitudes and know-how to him; for I inherited the way my mind creates from him.  He was a genius and had a sense of logic and way of fitting things together that I feel when I write a perfume formula.  There is a sequencing that takes place, an unravelling in order to fit the pieces together, and this ability that I have came from him.  Thank you Dad! May we all find peace within and without…. and may everything smell really really good!

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Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

6 thoughts on “Inheriting- a sense for creation”

  1. jessica,
    sorry to hear about your dad.
    how is everything going now that you are back? Sounds like you are starting to conjure up some new blends. And how is the ‘other’ creative process going??
    G started grade 4 today, looking like a movie star. she is in the same class as Marianne’s niece Lucy this year, and the other kids thought they looked alike.
    I am also back at school this week. I am feeling more and more inspired as school goes on.
    The summer was short here. It got REALLY cold and cold last week, I’ve already had the heat on, and not just at night!
    Anyway, take care, keep in touche, eat some fresh buffalo mozzarella for me if you find some.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    found your blog searching around through everything talks about impressed..i had my fragrance summer school at GIF this year in August and had the chance too meet Laurence, Alain and Mr Boodefee…
    by the way , reading your story, i was captured by your changing life directed by the same passion for scents, fragrances and perfumes. i still not had read all the blog, but i will soon…
    my compliments for all, and my best wishes to you for the future.
    im am a chemist that discover a deep passion for these little scented molecules :-)..
    hoping to hear from you
    good luck a give a kiss for me to Grasse, where i will be again (for the 3rd time this year..) around the reopening time of the Museum..

  3. Hi Cindy…great to hear that all is well..although chilly! Still hot and summery here and although I swam in the sea the other day and it was blissful, I am looking with longing at all the cozy sweaters that I brought from Canada…homesickness perhaps?
    And Roberto…a kiss to Grasse for you! Do you do any work creating olfactive molecules? Let me know when you are in Grasse again. Perhaps I will see you at the opening of the Museum..should be a great party!

  4. Welcome back Jessica. I was so saddened to hear of your father’s passing. The description of the grieving process as going through layers of emotion and memory is so well articualted. If you get an opportunity download this beautiful song from iTunes: Negra Sombra by Frontera Cero and also Nocturne by Secret Garden. It is music that supports the emotional journey.



  5. ciao,
    hope everything is running well in your new scented life in Grasse..we all are waiting for some news from you..
    unfortunately my schedulated visit for to the opening of the New museum of parfum in Grasse has beeen postponed at sometime later this year..if you are going, it will be nice if you can tell on your blog the happenings of the day…maybe with some pics..
    if it is possible…

  6. Hello,

    I am so sorry to hear of your father’s passing. But I am happy to hear you have returned to Grasse.

    Your blog inspired me to look into GIP…and I just returned from the most amazing trip to Grasse and the South of France this September. I took the natural cosmetics and perfume courses at GIP, both of which were great. I hope this is the beginning of a new chapter. So, thank you.

    Your blog is wonderful…thanks for inspiring us…

    Here’s to a life that smells amazing!

    Best wishes,

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