The scent of an old life

Here I am in Nelson, staying with friends and getting ready for my first big Moving Sale this coming Saturday morning.  I’m a bit nervous- but Oh So Ready to let go of my old life so I can be liberated to go back and commence my beautiful new one in Grasse.   It’s very interesting to be in my storage locker after a year and a half away- the scent there is so familiar- essential oils, cocoa butter plus all the other more personal scents of me (clothes, linens etc)  that I associate so strongly with who I was before I left.  But now I don’t resonate with them- because I and my current life smell different- I am different. I recognize the scent as me, but not me now.  It’s fascinating really and makes it easy to let it all go. I’m really experiencing all this as a scent/memory/associative adventure and because of that, am finding it quite complex emotionally and otherwise. That said, I feel like an observer more than I ever have before- simply taking it all in and feeling what is evoked. I suppose this is what it is to live life as a perfumer!  After all we must be completely open to all smells and therefore all experiences as they arise.  This is what a perfumer told me recently in the gardens of the soon to open Perfume Museum in Grasse- ‘you must be open to everything’. 

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Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

3 thoughts on “The scent of an old life”

  1. Than you so much for your wonderful blog. I read every single entry yesterday. Very inspiring and I look forward to reading more. I enjoy what you share. I was wondering if you were able to contact me as I have some questions about the course.



  2. hi sis are u still in nelson? have some time off & would love 2 see you! not goood times have friends in slowcan am going there soon need to talk hope all is good please call 2508815168

  3. jessica… it is wonderful to have found this blog. I love the way that you evoke the beauty of your thoughts, emotions and senses in your writing… it feels so intimate a reflection of you. i am in california and would love to see your line of perfumes. are you back in canada, or in france? i will be visiting the okanagan around the 1rst of December… would be wonderful to see you…. un beso~

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