un petit coucou (a little hello)

Hello everyone,

It is April already and here on the Cote d’Azur spring is fully in bloom.  Once again the purple wisteria is covering wrought iron gates and climbing the stone walls. Even the oaks that cover the hills behind Mane and Fils are finally popping their tiny green leaves.  The birds have been celebrating for weeks now and all the love doves are busy making babies.  The rosemary is covered in little mauve blossoms and the papery pale first roses are out and even the early jasmine is covered with clusters of purple buds. Spring here is glorious: or perhaps it’s just me.  It’s my favourite time of year, perhaps since it is the time of year I was born.  Yesterday was my birthday and we celebrated in a little local bar with a potluck (of various cakes mostly) plus cans of whipped cream and a case of Spanish strawberries that I bought in Aix-en-Provence last weekend.  (What a fabulous city that is!  The market is spectacular and the two crops of interest were Spanish strawberries and French asparagus-absolute mountains of both-plus all the normal Provencal and Corsican sausages, cheeses, breads, olives wines etc- heaven!)

I am still interning at Mane and learning tons about how the industry works from the inside.  Absolutely facinating!  I will write all about it at a later date, but suffice to say that this is truly the behind-the-scenes world of perfumery that I am experiencing. It’s where it all begins; where everything is conceived and created. I just found out that there is a perfumer there who specializes in natural perfumes (surprise surprise) and so my goal this week is to get an interview with him.  The green/natural/bio revolution is true and it is necessary for everyone in the mainstream business to sit up and take notice.  Mane has an internal perfume school where they train perfumers for placement in their affiliates and I have decided to apply.  My interview is on Friday….

Next week I will have a computer again and will therefore be able to write from home again; then I can get you all caught up.

Sending all of you sunshine and visions of flowers from Grasse!


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Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

One thought on “un petit coucou (a little hello)”

  1. HI Jess, How are you? Happy belated bday! It is April 19th here in Nelson and…DUMPING SNOW!!!IT is kind of ugly, cold and grey, but nice to here spring is actually arriving somewhere. Yesterday Gemelya and I went out to protest at the Prestige, Gordon Campbell was in town, and was greeted with a Kootenay welcome. 400 angry, concerned citizens. IT was fun, inspiring, and Gemelya was right into it. I am not sure if you’ve heard but they are going to start allowing private companies(mostly American) to build small damns on hundreds of rivers in BC. Scary stuff! Anyway,
    on another note, I bumped into Stephane Fournier yesterday and he’s going to be in Grasse in a couple of weeks with his girlfriend. He said he would love to have a cafe with you! Email me if you want his email.
    I see Marianne around and she seems as happy and beautiful as usual. Also, Klara’s baby Isla is gorgeous. I have only seen her when she was 12 hours old, but will see her this week sometime. She will be one month old on Sunday. Klara seems to be doing well and adjusting to the demanding life of motherhood.
    Anyway, I am off to the cornerstore in the slush to buy butter, then off to teach my class at noon. Yoga is going well, I am teaching my 3 classes a week at the studio, + a few extra subbing opportunities. I am also volunteering at the Middle School, and high school.
    School is finally done. Well, for the semester. I did really well this semester. I am very inspired to keep going with it, despite how challenging it is at times. Maybe go on to do a law degree one day, who knows.
    Well, love you Jess,
    Take Care,

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