Swimming in the Mediterranean

a la plageFinally today I was able to do something that I have been craving for weeks…….to go to the beach and swim in the sea! I’m a bit sunburned but it was worth it.  The water was fresh and chilly and so salty that I could completely relax and float on my back letting the tiny little swells rock away any stresses that have built up in my body over the last 5 monthes.  The air was whipped by a steady gusty breeze and filled with the fragrance of seaweed and ozone. The water was two tones of blue; a light milky azure where it was shallow and cobalt where the deeper bit began.  The beach that we went is on the opposite side from Cannes of a huge bay at a beautiful seaside town called Theoule sur Mer.  I think everyone was local and it was interesting to note that yes, it is true, going topless on the French Riviera is normal.  However, unlike N America where the younger generation might be more likely to do it to rebel against the norm, here it’s the older women who do simply as the norm.  This is because it was all the rage more in their time- in the 50’s and 60’s. So one sees elegant refined (and I must say fit) women in their 50’s  (or older) tanning without tops.  I was very impressed and decided that I should join in regardless of my age!  Afterall, when in France…!

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Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

2 thoughts on “Swimming in the Mediterranean”

  1. Isn’t it lovely to swim in the Med?? I was struck by how much saltier and boyant the water felt now compared to when we was in Greece the last time (hmm, 6yrs ago) – or is it my everexpanding body fat that did the trick ?? LOL

    When it comes to the top less issue, my kids was in chock about such behaviour. No matter if it was you gals (with silicon boobs that shocked them even more) or middle – old, specialy John though it was disgusting. Yep, he had this “I’m about to vomit” look on his face ;-).
    Now Sweden isn’t exactly know to be a prudish country and along with the Côte d’Azure crowd intruduced topless bathing to the world, but since we have our own swimming pool, my sons have lived a very sheltered live beachwise LOL. And they didn’t exactly approve on me skipping the bikini bra when it was the hottest here, far from it actually;-)

    Today is Midsummer eve here, one of the most major of Swedish hollidays and the weather is accordingly – cold, grey and windy. Oh how I wish I was in France instead…. But we will celebrate it in style with pickeled heering (iecchhh), gravad lax, Swedish meatballs, fresh potatoes and something nice to drink. Hope you and your friends (Ana particulary) will have a lovely weekend too.

    Fragrant Hugs (at least my bourbon rose Loise Odier have started to bloom- yeayyyy)

  2. Salut Ylva… Happy Summer to you and yours…big hugs and kisses from us here in the South…hope lots of sunshine comes your way! Thanks for taking part in this projuect!

    bisoux from Ana and Jess

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