this is my haven….

Here is a photo of my little home- tucked into the honey comb of the old city- on the third floor above the narrow little stone street.


Sunday is the anniversary of my birth, 37 years ago, and two dear friends from school and I are going to Monaco to eat good food, and dance the night away.  The air will be fragranced with mounds of jasmine in full bloom and the heady fragrance of the lemon and orange trees.  Life, for me,  is truly precious and fragrantly beautiful! 

May it be for all of you as well.

Published by

Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

3 thoughts on “this is my haven….”

  1. Happy Birthday! We awoke today to remember that it is your birthday as well as Easter Sunday. We are glad to hear that you are celebrating your day in such a fun way with friends.

    Send us your phone number as we have a calling card for overseas. There is a letter from Gramma on its way via snail mail. 🙂

    Love, Katherine and Gramma

  2. Bonjour ma chere – The picture of your little haven gladly received. So bright and cheerful, just like you. Northern Sakatchewan slowly warming with reds and purples showing in the willows, even though it was -20C two nights ago.
    The bears will be waking and the moose calving soon. Amour!!

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