how to contact Jessica!

Ok this is a test…..if there is anyone out there besides my Mom reading this blog- I invite you to stop being shy, get off your butts and get involved- write me a note, ask me a question, tell me what you’re up to.  Let’s make this site a bit more interactive.  And, just so you all know, you can write to me (or send care packages) at my home- 4 Rue Marcel Journet, Grasse  06130

I also have a phone number now as well, but I’ll only tell you what it is if you write to me………

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Jessica Buchanan

Canadian independent perfumer, designer, and entrepreneur.

4 thoughts on “how to contact Jessica!”

  1. Howdy Jess ~
    Nothing really new here. I’ll be in Vancouver in a few weeks for the CHFA. Amelia is visiting here from NYC for a wedding in Tucson, so we’ll have spent a few good times together before she and Will head back to the City.
    Spring is beautiful in the Sonoran Desert. We went up into the Superstition Mountains on Saturday. That’s our nearest “Alps”, I suppose. Due to all the rain we had last week, the streams were running, as were the waterfalls, which always is a surprise to see in the harsh terrain of a desert climate, as you know. If we’re lucky, the coming weeks will bring out the wildflowers, which besides the poppies, I can only call out by color, shape and height.
    It appears you’re having a good learning experience in France, including hanging around the laundry looking for your Pepe. Underware? Why worry? I thought they didn’t bother with this in France. There’s a well-known restaurant in Northern California called the French Laundry. Now I wonder if you’ve found out the secrect to the origin of their name?
    Our Havasupai trip has been postponed to the fall, probably to September or early October. We’re off in a month to do a big hike off the South Rim of the Canyon. The smart ones are training for Rim-2-Rim in mid-October.
    I’d send you a C.A.R.E. package, as can be my nature, but who knows what you’d end up with. Probably just useless paraphernalia, as usual.
    Okay. Now I’m officially off my butt and invloved. Is the above the kind of rubbish you wanted to hear?
    Stay well and a “Hi” to your mom, in that she may be the only other person reading this.

  2. Jessica,
    such delightful visuals spring to my mind as I read your lovely recordings of life in Grasse.
    Fej directed me to your site as I am on a little sojourn of my own in Vancouver for a few days, with a White Rock moment or two.
    I am particularly drawn to your descriptions of lavender as I find it evokes such peace within.
    I shall continue to read about your adventures as I so enjoy the feel of joy within your writings

  3. Hello Jessica. I was looking for the contact button but I now see that option isn’t available on my IOS device. I will have to logon to my laptop and try that way.

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