house hunting update

This afternoon, I met the land lady for the little studio apartment near mine and got the tour.   I found it to be very cute, but far too small, kind of dreary (with the big old windows looking at the side of the building 10 feet across the lane), and lacking a refrigerator.  It would be fine if it had no furniture, but appliances are a must.  This was my third rejection, so potentially the next one will be my new home! 

I am hitting the books now, or rather the tester strips to review and ingrain into my olfactory memory the raw materials we learned today.  Names like Helional, Nonadienol and Aurantiol can begin to sound the same if I’m not careful!  Add to that Amyl cinnamic aldehyde or Allyl amyl glycolate, and the brain begins to rebel….however, I am determined to master this new language!!   I have a new aspiration that I will share with you soon….there will be much preparation first. I am creating the foundation for a dreamy new possibility.   I’ll keep you posted.