Week two…dreaming in scent

hyacinth¬†budsHello everyone,¬† No I haven’t disappeared, I’m simply very tired and this being called jessica is¬†feeling a bit¬†saturated.¬†¬† Today is Monday, the beginning of our second week in school and with it came 10 more synthetic aromas to add to the 31 that we have already covered.¬† (plus the 20 or so naturals) ¬†There will be ten more tomorrow. I had a very restless sleep last night, tossing and turning because I was¬†dreaming about trying desperately to identify a scent and couldn’t.¬† This went on all night and the church bells at 7 came way too early.¬† By the way, someone asked what I mean by smelling in colour and quite simply my mind attaches a colour to a scent when I smell it.¬† (ie cinnamyl acetate smells steel grey to me and when I smell indole, the colour of dark translucent carnelian comes to mind)

The Nice waterfrontOn Saturday I spent the day exploring Nice, about 1.5hrs away by bus.  It is a beautiful city, with a huge old centre.  The waterfront is gorgeous and the sea itself (being the Mediterranean ) is a milky blue topaz colour.  The temperatures there are about 10 degrees warmer than in Grasse, so that felt good.  We found the huge market, including the flower market, and I purchased 2 bunches of hyacinths and my first plant; a baby palm.                          my first French baby…               

In Nice I ¬†finally found a jacket to give me an alternative to the rain coat style one that I brought with me.¬† In the morning hiking to school,¬†this feels like I’m wearing a plastic bag!¬† I found a lovely little 98% wool mini-suit-jacket style with a belt.¬† Much more¬†comfortable¬†as the Spring slowly creeps in.¬† There are Magnolias blooming now as well as Rosemary and some Jasmine.¬† (these are all found in the boulevard gardens as I walk to school.)

Anyway, we didn’t get home from Nice until after 11pm because we missed the last direct bus to Grasse and so had to go via Cannes and¬†from there¬†the train to Grasse.¬† A bit of an adventure!

Place des Artistes on a Friday¬†eveningOther than that, the only other thing I wanted to share was that I went to the little art show in my square on Friday evening and with a glass of champagne and cassis in hand, bought my first piece of¬† French art.¬†¬†Actually, I bought a print because the paintings were about 2500E, but really beautiful, whimsical and fun.¬† The one I bought is called Chat Virant au¬†Vert- the Cat Turning Green.¬† Kind of strange, but I have to admit when I saw it, I had the funny thought of ‘hey maybe that’s my future husband’… I’ll keep you posted on that one.Chat Virant au¬†Vert

I am going to look at an apartment one street over tomorrow evening.  It is not furnished which is a bit of a problem, but I am hoping I can figure that out.  It would be great to only move about 50 feet.  Besides that, the school has found 2 possibilities that we will go to see on Wednesday afternoon.  Also on Wednesday, we are going to a Mimosa production facility to see the extraction process.  (it is Mimosa season now)

A bit later: I just got back from¬†Brazil’s house where we had dinner with her, Australia and Japan 1. Her apartment is soooo beautiful and classy compared to mine.¬† Made me realize the options and that perhaps I may want to set the bar a little higher for what I am looking for. It’s so nice to be making some friends, and with people who are living and breathing the same stuff as me.¬† We spent a lot of time talking about what¬†our intentions for the future are and what sort of internships we see ourselves pursuing. ¬†We are all so happy to be here having this experience.¬† Plus we really rely on each other to learn the raw materials.¬† We spend hours each afternoon testing each other with the blotter strips so we can remember everything.

 Now I am off to bed to hopefully have a peaceful night without any dreams! 

It is crazy windy tonight- it must be Spring.  

Much love to you all…